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Our Approach

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No mass disorder afflicting mankind is ever brought under control or eliminated by attempts at treating the individual

Prevention Institute brings cutting-edge research, practice, and analysis to today's pressing health and safety concerns. Determined to achieve health and safety for all, to improve community environments equitably, and to serve as a focal point for primary prevention practice, the Institute asks what can be done in the first place, before people get sick or injured.

Prevention Institute has inspired a broad, comprehensive approach to systematizing prevention as a distinct discipline—not simply an educational message. It infuses a community and policy orientation into prevention practices, and it emphasizes the importance of quality prevention strategies—ones that are well designed, achieve far-reaching outcomes, and incorporate these six key elements:

Quality Prevention:

Advances solutions Rooted in Community Wisdom—the combined knowledge, assets, and skills of community members which is the foundation for a stronger, healthier community environment and successful, sustainable prevention efforts.

Pursues Comprehensive Action to solve complex problems and achieve far-reaching gains in health and safety. Applies a layered framework of mutually supportive community prevention strategies to improve social and physical environments.

Taking Two Steps to Prevention, tracing a pathway from medical concerns to the community conditions, norms, and root factors leading to poor health and inequality in the first place. Finds community solutions supporting prevention and wellness for everyone.

Promotes Norms That Support Equity, Health, and Safety. Norms are "behavior shapers," levers for effective prevention. Altering policy is a vital tipping factor for changing norms, leading to supportive behavior and improved health and safety.

Encourages Interdisciplinary Partnerships to help break down silos; synthesize and integrate knowledge, perspectives, and tools across disciplines; and construct shared comprehensive solutions.

Catalyzes Innovative Strategies and Analysis that change community-wide systems and foster a new way of thinking where prevention is primary.