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21. Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth: Opportunities for a Lifetime of Health 2010
22. An Assessment of Youth Violence Prevention Activities in U.S.A. Cities 2008
23. Public Health Contributions to Preventing Violence 2011
24. The UNITY Urban Agenda for Preventing Violence Before it Occurs: Bringing a Multi-Sector Approach to Scale in US Cities 2010
25. UNITY RoadMap Gauge 2010
26. What Surrounds Us Shapes Us: Making the Case for Environmental Change 2009
27. Food Marketers Greenwash Junk Food Companies Tout Link to Health and Environmental Movements 2008
28. Addressing and Preventing Trauma at the Community Level 2013
29. Taking Action for a Healthier California 2005
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30. Connie Rice's Presentation, UNITY National Consortium: ''A Call to Action'' 2008
31. Healthy People, Healthy Places: Directions for Improving Community, Individual, and Economic Health 2009
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32. A Guidebook to Strategy Evaluation 2008
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33. Sugar Water Gets a Facelift: What Marketing Does for Soda 2009
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34. UNITY: Prioritized Strategies to Prevent Violence Before it Occurs 2007
35. Leading National Foundations and Health Care Organizations Make Unprecedented Call for Investment in Prevention 2009
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36. The UNITY Policy Platform 2010
37. Realizing the Vision for a Healthier California: Opportunities in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 2009
38. Healthy, Equitable Transportation Policy: Recommendations and Research 2008
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39. Recommendations for the Prevention and Wellness Funds 2009
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40. Making the Case for Breastfeeding: The Health Argument Isn’t Enough 2010
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