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41. Synergy of Strategies: Linking Safety and Chronic Disease Prevention 2009
42. All Communities Deserve Safe Places to Play and be Active 2011
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43. Synthesis Notes: UNITY City Network Convening 2009
44. Setting the Bar: Recommendations for Food and Beverage Industry Action 2005
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45. Leslie Mikkelsen on "Setting the Record Straight: Nutrition and Health Professionals Define Healthful Food" 2009
46. Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Health Care Settings 2006
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47. Synthesis Notes: UNITY City Network Web Forum 2009
48. Deborah Prothrow-Stith's Testimony on Preventing Violence to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security 2009
49. School's Out… Who Ate? 2008
50. Traffic Injury Prevention: A 21st Century Approach 2008
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51. Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Food Industry Responses to Concerns about Nutrition 2007
52. UNITY: Violence is Preventable 2007
53. Fast Food Primer: A Tool for Community Advocates 2008
54. A Decade of Advocacy: The Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments 2012
55. Traffic Safety in Communities of Color 2003
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56. Recommitting to Health 2006
57. Moving from Vision to Reality: Priority Actions to Advance Equitable Opportunities for Healthy Eating and Activity in California 2010
58. Community Health: A Critical Approach to Addressing Chronic Disease 2007
59. Aging and Mobility: Current Issues 2002
60. Healthy Eating & Physical Activity: Addressing Inequities in Urban Environments 2007
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