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We're Not Buying It

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What "foods" do big food companies think are good for kids as young as two to eat? Popsicles and Cocoa Puffs made the list, and food companies are using major lobbying muscle-spending over $37 million dollars in 2011-to keep them there. In DC, a coalition of food companies snuck language into the house appropriations bill to sideline federal recommendations that would have promoted healthy foods for kids, instead of those loaded with sugar, salt and fat.

Food companies can't refute the science: evidence was the basis for the sensible, voluntary guidelines put forward by four federal agencies that make up the Interagency Working Group on Food Marketing to Kids (IWG). And evidence also made it clear that food and beverage companies are not up to monitoring themselves. Prevention Institute's video, We're Not Buying It, and studies Claiming Health and Where's the Fruit clearly reveal the deceptive lengths that food industries will go to in order to promote unhealthy foods to kids-from packaging that misleads parents to ads that target kids to behind-the-scenes lobbying to thwart any oversight.