We're Not Buying It: Press Kit

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View the video We're Not Buying It.

Read facts and an overview of the We're Not Buying It campaign.

Read opening remarks from the panelists at the press conference, or download the audio recording.

For interviews and information, please contact Sana Chehimi, sana-at-preventioninstitute.org, or 510.681-3534 (c)

For more information on the IWG Guidelines protecting children from junk food marketing, view these resources:

In the news:

"Drinking This "Popular Poison" is Worse than Smoking," Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com (11.21.11)

"Stop Junk Food Marketing to Kids," Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com (10.24.11)

"The Fight Against Junk Food Advertising to Kids," Guramrit at Parenting, Parenting.com (10.14.11)

Read Prevention Institute's Juliet Sims' statement on Joint Congressional Hearing on Interagency Working Group guidelines for food marketing to children (10.12.11)

"Political food fight over junk food ads to kids," Herb Weisbaum, msnbc.com (10.12.11)

"2 Thing You Can Do to Stop Junk Food Marketing to Kids," Hemi Weingarten, Fooducate Blog (10.9.11)

"Are You Buying It? Food Ads & Advocates Set to Square Off," Elisa Zeid, The Zeid Guide (10.8.11)

"Campaign urges Obama to stop junk food marketing to kids," Sustainable Food News (10.7.11)

"Industry To Push Back on Voluntary Food Ad Curbs," Ellyn Ferguson, CQ (10.7.11)

Read Congressman Lee Terry's Statement on "We're Not Buying It" Campaign" (10.6.11)

"More—a lot more—on food marketing to kids" Marion Nestle, Food Politics (10.6.11)

"VIDEO: Advocates Launch Campaign to Protect Kids from Junk Food Marketing," Genie Gratto, BlogHer (10.6.11)

"Advocacy Groups Seek White House Help In Saving Food Marketing Guidelines," John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable (10.6.11)

"Companies marketing food to kids need stronger guidelines, health advocates say," Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times and For the Booster Shots blog (10.6.11)

Read the Prevention Institute's press release: National Health Leaders Laud Prevention Institute's "We're Not Buying It:" Video reveals deceptive food industry practices (10.6.11)

"Kids' Marketing Guidelines Advocates Fight Back," Karlene Lukovitz, Media Posts (10.5.11)

"Battle over food marketing restrictions heats up," Julian Pecquet, The Hill Blog (10.5.11)