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Convergence Partnership

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Prevention Institute provides ongoing guidance, strategy development, and policy analysis for the Convergence Partnership. The Convergence Partnership is a national collaborative of funders in the United States whose goal of policy and environmental change will help reinvent communities. The Partnership aims to strengthen and accelerate multi-field, equity-focused efforts among practitioners, policymakers, funders, and advocates to create environments that support healthy people living in healthy places. The steering committee includes representatives from Ascension HealthThe California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, Kresge FoundationNemours Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention serve as a critical technical advisor on the committee. PolicyLink, a national research and action Institute devoted to advancing economic and social equity, acts as program directors for the partnership.

To catalyze environmental change efforts around the country, the Partnership has commissioned comprehensive and cross-cutting reviews of policy, strategy, and program recommendations. A sampling of resources and ongoing efforts supported by the Convergence Partnership are featured here. For more information, please visit: www.convergencepartnership.org.

Current Efforts
Regional Convergence

The Convergence Partnership is committed to supporting funders at the regional level—in metropolitan areas, counties, and states—to coordinate across multiple fields and advance environmental change efforts. Expanding regional convergences is crucial to achieving the Convergence Partnership's goal of healthy people in healthy places.

Federal Transportation Policy

With the authorization of a new federal transportation bill comes the important opportunity to advance healthy places. To integrate health and equity more centrally in transportation policy, the Convergence Partnership has commissioned a set of research and policy briefs by leading health and transportation researchers and advocacy organizations. Visit the Transportation & Health Toolkit for more information.

Innovation Fund

Through a competitive process, the Convergence Partnership issued a call for proposals for efforts to create healthy places through land use/built environment and/or access to health food strategies. The Fund provides matching funds to grantmakers interested in expanding their funding portfolios to include more robust environmental change programs.


Recipes for Change: Healthy Food in Every Community examines opportunities to change the food system to benefit our physical, economic, social, and environmental health. Fueled by research, innovative policies, and grassroots energy, the movement to increase access to healthy foods and to create a sustainable, equitable food system can provide a springboard for public action and local activism.

Strategies for Enhancing the Built Environment to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living outlines a range of organizational practices and public policies being considered to improve the built environment in support of healthy eating and regular physical activity. Prevention Institute developed this document based on key informant interviews and a scan of policy and research reports. This document serves as a resource to identify target policies and opportunities towards building healthy environments.

Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth: Opportunities for a Lifetime of Health provides background research about the current state of physical activity in the nation and highlights organizational practices and public policies to improve physical activity among children and youth. The report serves as a launching pad for action for practitioners and advocates who are interested in engaging in systems and environmental change approaches in four key arenas: schools, early childcare and education settings, out-of-school-time programs, and communities.

Leading National Foundations and Health Care Organizations Make Unprecedented Call for Investment in Prevention. In a letter released August 17, 2009, leaders at The California Endowment, The Kresge Foundation, Nemours, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation and a top official at Kaiser Permanente, wrote that community prevention measures like improved access to healthy food and physical activity will save both lives and money.

The Transportation Prescription: Bold New Ideas for Healthy, Equitable Transportation Reform in America, is a policy guide that analyzes the intersection of transportation, health and equity. This report features a foreword by Rep. Jim Oberstar, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and one of the primary authors of the upcoming federal transportation bill.

Promising Strategies for Creating Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments, delineates crosscutting environmental change strategies that have the potential to engage diverse constituencies and address a diversity of issues that impact healthy eating and active living.