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"Claiming Health: Front-of-Package Labeling of Children's Food" in the News

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Prevention Institute's new study shows that 84% of the food industry's ‘better for you' products containing front of package labels fail to meet basic nutrition standards. Read coverage from Time, Marion Nestle's Food Politics blog, and others.

sfgate_logo Proposed food labels prompt a battle. Stacy Finz, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/28/2011

TheAtlanticLogo Study Says Health Claims on Kids' Food Are Overrated. Marion Nestle, The Atlantic, 1/21/2011

MJ1Study: 84% of Nutrition Labels On Kids' Foods "Misleading." Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones, 1/20/2011


Time_magazine_logo More Calls to Overhaul Deceptive Front-of-Package Labeling. Meredith Melnick, TIME, 1/20/2011

grist-logo.135.120.s Food industry FAIL: Foods promoted as healthy for kids-surprise!-are mostly not. Tom Laskaway, Grist, 1/19/2011

sfgate_logo Front labels on food for children called deceptive. Stacy Finz, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/20/2011

bnet2 Junk Food Armageddon Redux, or Why Froot Loops Isn't a Health Food. Melanie Warner, CBS Business Net, 1/20/2011


foodpol1 Surprise! Most "better-for-you" kids' foods aren't. Marion Nestle, Food Politics, 1/19/2011

los_angeles_times-logo chicago'Healthy' kids' foods usually aren't, study finds. Karen Kaplan, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, 1/19/2011

scope2 In study, majority of kid's foods marketed as "good for you" actually weren't. Michelle Brandt, Stanford Scope, 1/19/2011

50263_220007811458_8144448_n Kid Foods Labeled 'Better for You' Often Aren't. Mary Rothschild, Food Safety News, 1/19/2011

yahooshine Parents, beware: These kid-friendly foods claim to be healthy, but they're not. Lylah Amphonse, Yahoo Shine News, 1/19/2011