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Trainings and Presentations

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Prevention Institute has trained thousands of professionals and practitioners in cutting-edge prevention research and practice. Our audiences include government agencies, statewide and local coalitions, foundations, community-based organizations, and universities. We work collaboratively with the host organization to identify goals and objectives and to facilitate training sessions that cultivate a shared direction among participants. We conduct interactive presentations and skill building sessions in all the elements of quality prevention. Presenters are knowledgeable about prevention broadly and communicate depth within particular content areas, such as health equity, chronic disease prevention, and preventing violence and unintentional injury.

Where these services have been used

Training for grantmakers: The California Endowment (TCE) Health Disparities Training Series for Health Officers

Prevention Institute provided four full-day trainings to TCE to ground staff in key prevention concepts and outlined a framework for eliminating health disparities in communities. These concepts are fundamental to TCE's signature initiative: Building Healthy Communities, Healthy Eating Active Communities (HEAC) and Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP).

Training for local coalition leaders: LiveWell Colorado Grantees

Prevention Institute delivered a series of three trainings to coalition leaders from both urban and rural communities in Colorado to build the capacity of coalition leadership to work on policy and organizational practice change and to identify solutions for improving healthy eating and physical activity.

Web-based training series: Prevention Connection: Violence Against Women Prevention Partnership

Prevention Institute is facilitating a series of online dialogues through Prevention Connection, a national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), to build capacity to prevent violence against women.

Training for elected officials: National Association of Latino Elected Officials Health Leadership Program

Prevention Institute designed and facilitated a series of four trainings for local policymakers, providing specialized tools, skills, and knowledge to help them create and implement policies that address healthy eating and activity in their communities.

Keynote presentation for local coalition leaders: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Grantees Plenary Presentation

Prevention Institute presented at the CDC's annual grantee meeting for the REACH program, elucidating the role prevention plays in eliminating disparities and in building thriving communities.

Panel presentation for national/international audiences: Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue Conference, Vienna, Austria

Prevention Institute addressed this European Union conference, speaking on the role of prevention in establishing health promoting and sustainable food systems.

Promoting Public Health Solutions and Leadership to Prevent Violence Before It Occurs

Prevention Institute presented on community and public health-based approaches to preventing street violence and violence affecting young people before the need for criminal justice interventions.

What people are saying about our trainings and presentations

"The training we received from the Prevention Institute on utilizing the ENACT policy database was extremely helpful for our work on our Kellogg Foundation funded Food and Fitness Initiative. The support they provided gave us a chance to identify policy ideas and actual examples of policies from other cities and counties. This information and the technical assistance they provided have been instrumental in our ability to assess a large number of policy ideas in the rapidly growing Healthy Eating and Active Living field and helped us move closer to identifying our policy priorities to help us improve access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity through a policy and environmental approach while doing so through the lens of aiming to achieve health equity" (Erin MacDougall, Public Health - Seattle and King County, and IATP Food and Society Fellow, October 2009)

"I enjoyed listening to your wealth of knowledge and passion about policy issues. You and your team inspire me to become a change agent who positively impacts health... policy and legislation." (Marlayne Smithbolden, Policy Manager, Arizona Department of Health Services, April 13, 2007)
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