Chief of Violence Prevention with the City of Oakland

The Chief of Violence Prevention is an at-will managementlevel position reporting to the City Administrator. The Chief is responsible for developing and providing the overall strategic direction toward eliminating violence in Oakland through a public health approach. The Chief manages the day-to-day operations of the department, including direct services and service coordination of nonprofit contracts that may be housed in the department. The Chief is the expert and technical advisor on using a public health and community-driven approach to eliminate violence in just, healing, and transformational ways. The position will closely collaborate with City, County, nonprofit partners and community members to align efforts and sustain a citywide network of violence prevention and intervention services while also identifying and engaging individuals at the highest risk of participating in or being a victim of violent crime and connecting them to comprehensive support services.

Top Priorities:

  • In partnership with community stakeholders, especially those most impacted by violence, service providers, City and County partners, the City Administrator and other key stakeholders, develop and establish the goals, strategies, performance measures, and progress benchmarks to ensure accountability related to citywide violence reduction and healing.
  • Conduct robust community and stakeholder engagement and get to know the people and Oakland’s rich network of nonprofits doing violence prevention work; review the research and results of the Urban Strategy Council (USC) Participatory Research process and Oakland Unite’s two-year spending plan to understand the resources that currently exist, their successes and areas of opportunity.
  • Analyze and synthesize the City’s current violence prevention strategies and investments, including thirdparty programmatic evaluations for Oakland Unite and Ceasefire programs, and identify the appropriate best practices to obtain the desired outcomes using a public health approach to violence prevention.
  • Become a trusted voice for all community stakeholders including victims of crimes, law enforcement and City Administration.
  • Within in the first 6 months, collaborate with invested stakeholders to develop a community-driven citywide OAKLANDCA.GOV strategic plan of action that brings together internal departments and external service providers to address the issue and includes recommendations for organizational realignment, programmatic recommendations, and funding structure for the next budget cycle with the objective of meeting the City’s violence reduction goals.


The ideal candidate for the Chief of Violence Prevention will be an outstanding community leader with exceptional people and leadership skills. The ideal candidate will have passion and empathy for those who have experienced violence and hands-on effective experience crafting, implementing, and measuring violence prevention strategies and models. The candidate will have demonstrated experience effecting organizational and systems change and facilitating collaborative and inclusive working environments. The successful candidate will be politically astute, but apolitical, with a high level of sophistication, emotional intelligence, and multicultural competence in working effectively with diverse stakeholders in highly political environments. The successful candidate will possess excellent oral and written communication skills, be quick to understand how to navigate city functions and the department’s role within the City. This individual will be a smart, humble, data-oriented and outcome-driven problem solver with an explicit commitment to an intersectional and community-driven approach to violence reduction and prevention.

The candidate will have:

  • A passion for advancing violence prevention solutions within an urban city;
  • A demonstrated commitment to community building and engagement; an advocate for the communities’ voice;
  • Experience working with, or in, a public or government organization serving large complex urban environments and an understanding of working across different public systems including public and behavioral health, and probation;
  • An understanding of systemic and institutional racial bias;
  • Success in building partnerships within and across public, private, and nonprofit agencies;
  • Street savviness with the ability to hold law enforcement accountable;
  • Experience developing effective methods of organizational and institutional change;
  • Experience operationalizing an organization or department;
  • Adept at implementing and achieving solutions that are grounded in data performance metrics and measurable outcomes;
  • Sensitivity to the interests of a wide-range of stakeholder groups, strategic partners, elected officials, and administrative colleagues and the ability to manage expectations;
  • Organizational and fiscal management skills and noted for transparency, clarity and aligning resources to outcomes;
  • A leadership style that is decisive yet flexible and authentic; an effective risk taker with proven mediation skills;
  • A set of values characterized by humility, innovation, compassion, collaboration, service excellence, and responsive leadership; and
  • Trustworthy, personal and professional integrity, and a sense of humor.


The following qualifications are guidelines, as the appointing authority has broad discretion in filling positions in this classification.


Five (5) years of progressively responsible management experience, including two (2) years of supervisory experience, in human services, violence prevention, and/or intervention/reentry programs administration. Experience in public health, trauma informed, restorative, and harmreducing approaches to violence reduction and behavior transformation is desirable.


A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in public administration, human services, health services, sociology, psychology, social work or a closely related field. A Master’s degree in a related field is highly desirable.


The salary for this position is $140,871 to $211,306 depending on experience and qualifications. The City of Oakland also offers an attractive benefits package that includes participation in CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement Systems) with a pension formula of 2.5% @ 55 (for Classic PERS members) and 2% @ 62 for new PERS members. Employees currently contribute 8% of pre-tax wages.


To be considered, please submit your resume and cover letter electronically to by February 22, 2019. Resumes received by February 22, 2019 will receive first consideration. The position is open until filled.

For additional information or questions, please contact Ms. Brett Byers at 323-403-8279, brett@thehawkinscompany. com or Ms. Yonnine Hawkins at 323-252-1655, yonnine@

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