Managing Director, Promesa Boyle Heights

About the Organization

Promesa Boyle Heights is a collaborative of passionate residents, youth, schools, and organizational partners working together to realize a shared mission: to improve conditions in Boyle Heights at the individual, school, and systems-level by building a movement of partner organizations, students, and families collaborating to close the opportunity gap and strengthen supports for students from cradle through college and career. 

We envision a Boyle Heights where: 

  1. Every individual has access to a range of supports in the home, in our schools, and in the community to foster school and life success;
  2. Organizations are collaborating to close the opportunity gap amongst the most marginalized and underserved populations in our community, and; 
  3. A powerful, resident-led collaborative is winning system-level policy changes that create a safer, healthier, and more stable Boyle Heights. for more information visit

Proyecto Pastoral is the backbone for the Promesa Boyle Heights collaborative. Proyecto Pastoral was founded in 1986 by community residents and Father Greg Boyle, with a mission to develop the Boyle Heights community through education, leadership development, and service. Proyecto Pastoral serves over 6,000 children, youth, families, and individuals annually. For more information, visit

Position Summary

The Managing Director is a mission-driven passionate leader committed to social, racial, and educational justice. They will continue to nurture and grow a collaborative movement to strengthen support for students and their families from cradle through college and career.  The Managing Director will lead the strategic growth of the collaborative and serve as a public ambassador for the collaborative. They will manage multiple teams that include 15+ staff, 24+ partner organizations, 5 schools, and 40+ resident leaders. The Managing Director will also drive Promesa Boyle Heights’ internal and external functions, including strategy, communications, community engagement, and evaluation.

The position reports to the Promesa BH Steering Committee & General Assembly, and to Proyecto Pastoral’s Executive Director.


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