Igniting Change from the Ground Up: Uplifting Best Practices for Community Organizing and Leadership Engagement will focus on tools and resources communities have utilized to build a strong base of support and mobilize leaders around efforts that advance health and equity. Presenters will highlight best practices from both urban and rural communities around the country. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about engagement techniques for cultivating leadership, approaches for fostering community ownership, and action-oriented strategies that support policy and systems change rooted in partnership. 

Prevention Institute will introduce key tools and principles for building equitable communities through authentic engagement and partnership. Participants will hear from guest presenters, including:

  • Community Farm Alliance: Uses grassroots organizing to support and create real systematic change for family farmers in Kentucky using strategies that build democracy, create good public policy, and aid community development. By taking on issues of income and wealth, Community Farm Alliance makes it possible for farmers and neighboring communities to lead healthier lives. Watch a short video about their work: If you want to talk health, you have to talk income and wealth.
  • The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities: Their be well Block Captain Initiative builds the capacity of resident leaders to educate community members on important and relevant health topics and serve as education liaisons who help foster and build healthier communities.

This web forum is for public health practitioners, advocates, community- and faith-based organizations, members of higher education, and healthcare representatives. 

Robust community engagement, participation, and leadership that amplify the voices of those who have been traditionally underrepresented by our current system are vital for advancing health and equity across communities. Community-based organizations that specialize in organizing around local engagement issues, such as affordable housing, transportation, access to parks and open space, environmental justice, and more provide the cultivated foundation for "how-to-do" community engagement in a meaningful and authentic way.

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