Narrow definitions of masculinity and social, economic, and physical conditions in our communities present challenges for men's and boys' mental wellbeing in the US. Too often men and boys experience premature death, including death by suicide, among other causes.

Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys is a national initiative to change the community conditions that influence mental wellbeing. The initiative, which began in 2015, brings together 13 communities across the US that have worked to shift policies, practices, and norms to create greater opportunities for health and resilience. Making Connections is funded by Movember and coordinated by Prevention Institute.

Read more about the initiative, its goals, and objectives here.

What is the Making Connections Backpack?

Much of the success of Making Connections is thanks to the dedication of community leaders who centered primary prevention and equity in these 13 communities. This Backpack reflects their best practices, common challenges, and recommendations for sustaining the momentum of this movement.

Through this website, you’ll be introduced to tools, resources, stories, best practices, and lessons learned from the 13 local coalitions whose members include tribal, community-based, faith-based, public-health, healthcare, and veteran’s organizations. At the heart of this work, and the core of the Backpack, are collaboration, equity, and primary prevention. Through this collection of tools, we invite you to join us in Making Connections. 


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