We believe that solving today’s most complex health and social issues will require a skilled cadre of practitioners and leaders working to transform health. To achieve this, Prevention Institute synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; helps design and guide diverse partnerships; and conducts training, technical assistance, and strategic consultation with coalitions, community-based organizations, government, foundations, and key stakeholders across the country.

All of our work is rooted in community wisdom—the combined knowledge, assets, and skills of community stakeholders who are the foundation for stronger, healthier community environments and successful, sustainable prevention efforts. We are committed to interactive processes with diverse teams and participants, where members representing all populations are engaged both in defining questions and shaping solutions for their communities. As an organization, we apply lessons learned nationally to our work with local communities, and we elevate promising and proven local approaches on a national scale.

We are committed to making our training, tools, and technical assistance available to as many communities as possible and typically design our teams and fee structure to allow us to engage with a range of resourced initiatives and organizations.

Prevention Institute offers technical assistance using our tools and frameworks to improve community health, safety, and equity. We provide trainings and presentations or more comprehensive strategy development, policy research and analysis, and long-term support to strengthen your capacity to plan and implement prevention initiatives that are equity-based, comprehensive, and build effective collaboration and community participation.

Prevention Institute has trained thousands of practitioners and community members in cutting-edge prevention research and practice. Our services, tools, and approaches will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 

We will work with you to implement environmental, policy, organizational, and systems changes to sustainably improve community health and safety and to promote health equity. We offer customized consultation to help you:

  • Understand the importance of quality prevention

  • Effectively use prevention approaches to address the underlying determinants of health

  • Prioritize policy and organizational practice change based on community assets and needs

  • Develop effective policy recommendations and work with elected officials

  • Advance health equity and improve health outcomes in communities of color and low-income communities

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that includes a mix of activities to achieve the greatest impact on health

  • Shift norms to support health, safety, and equity

  • Create and maintain effective coalitions and partnerships

  • Establish collaboration across diverse fields and government jurisdictions

  • Engage community residents and work with community leadership

  • Shift the narrative from individual to community and from treatment to prevention

  • Integrate clinical care and community prevention efforts

  • Build skills across a range of public health areas including health equity, violence prevention, unintentional injury prevention, mental health and wellbeing, early childhood, health systems transformation, and food and physical activity environments

For further information or to inquire about tailoring services to your individual or organizational needs, please email a request to consult@preventioninstitute.org or call (510) 444-7738 and ask for an intake coordinator.

Prevention Institute has trained thousands of professionals and practitioners in cutting-edge prevention research and practice. Our trainings are tailored for each community and for specific audiences. We work with the host organization to identify goals and objectives and to facilitate interactive training sessions that cultivate a shared direction and build skills among participants.

Prevention Institute’s interactive presentations build excitement about the potential of primary prevention to save lives, reduce incidence of disease, violence, and injury, promote equity, and reduce costs. Using facilitation, powerful images and examples, our presentations demonstrate how multifaceted approaches are essential for addressing complex health problems.

Prevention Institute provides short- or long-term strategic guidance, trainings, facilitation and analysis to help you design and implement comprehensive, multidisciplinary prevention and equity strategies and solutions. Through the learnings and experience gained in two decades of existence, PI has established an approach and style that leverage existing strengths and assets by engaging in one-on-one discussions, conducting pre-meeting interviews, leading interactive discussions, and facilitating small group and community-level activities. Our staff of experienced facilitators, many of whom bring extensive experience working at the community level, is skilled in drawing out meaningful participation in a culturally effective and supportive manner. As active facilitators—meaning we are engaged and invested in the topics at play—we seek to raise and address the ‘tough issues’ that can organically arise when bringing together diverse partners, stakeholders and individuals around community challenges and priorities.

Prevention Institute provides research, analysis, synthesis, and writing services that help advance prevention and equity practice. Our approach integrates evidence-based research and promising practices emerging from the field. Our work reveals innovative strategies and promotes new and broader ways of thinking about health and safety.

"Prevention Institute helped my community move beyond a myopic direct-services focus towards organizing to address the full spectrum of prevention. Through an engaging blend of presentations, self-reflection and small group work, we saw opportunities."

David Dubé, MPH, RD, CHES
Division of Community Health Services, Maricopa County Department of Public Health

“We have benefited greatly from the work of your organization…it has given us an easy and concrete way to organize our efforts and to communicate with Commissioners and our community about what factors we should be focused on as we work to build increased resiliency in our neighborhoods.

Lisa Eby
Communication and Community Engagement Division Director, Buncombe County Health and Human Services