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Year in Review: Highlights from 4 California Communities working to Advance Joint Use

View the archive of yesterday’s webinar, where leaders from four California communities shared achievements and addressed how they overcame challenges to advancing and promoting joint use efforts.

PRINT | VIEW AS WEB PAGE  |  TELL A FRIEND   December 16, 2010
California’s Strategic Growth Council moves to Advance Health in All Policies

Prevention Institute congratulates the Strategic Growth Council,
members of the Health in All Policies Task Force,
and the California Department of Public Health for their efforts to secure a healthier, safer, more equitable and sustainable California. We hope their success serves as a model for the rest of the country.

Health in all policies is the concept that every policy decision we make can impact health and equity. Central to the idea: every sector—from business, transportation and housing, and agriculture, to natural resources and planning—makes decisions that influence the health and safety of our population.

On December 3rd, 2010, Health in all Policies took a big step forward in California when the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) accepted the first report of the Health in all Policies Taskforce. For the past year, Prevention Institute has been part of two coalitions, the Healthy Places Coalition and the Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments, that have worked with diverse local and state-level partners to integrate health, safety and equity into the work of the Taskforce.

In 2011, our efforts will focus on helping to shape priorities and implementation plans that will reflect the report’s major strategic areas: 1) Building healthy and safe communities, and 2) Finding opportunities to add a health lens in public policy and program development, and increase cross-agency collaboration.

Collaboration Multiplier:
A Tool for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The SGC and the Health in All Policies Taskforce has thrived using
inter-sectoral collaboration, an essential way for agencies to cooperate, share information and resources, and minimize reinventing the wheel. Prevention Institute's Collaboration Multiplier is both a tool and a process that clarifies and promotes the benefits of cross-sectoral collaboration. It guides users through a process that helps diverse sectors better understand one another's perspectives, identify strengths and gaps in their partnership, and realize the benefits of working together. View the tool, and learn more about Collaboration Multiplier and Health Impact Assessment.

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