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PRINT | VIEW AS WEB PAGE  |  TELL A FRIEND   January 14, 2011
Important Update! Deadline extended to 1/18/2011 to submit comments on the National Prevention Strategy (NPS)
Unless we put all the options on the table, some of the most important prevention strategies may not be considered for inclusion in the National Prevention Strategy (NPS). Prevention Institute strongly encourages you to submit a brief note with cutting-edge strategies that the National Prevention Council should include in the NPS (even if you have already submitted comments). Remember: the National Prevention Council must receive concrete ideas through the public comment process in order to include these strategies in the NPS. The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, January 18th, 2011. Submit comments here: http://www.hhs.gov/news/reports/nphps.html

Prevention Institute is preparing an addendum to our original submission, which highlights a number of positive features that the NPS already possesses as well as suggestions for improvement. In the addendum, we are focusing on strategies that support cross-sectoral collaboration, a role for the private sector, and vitally needed ways to “push the envelope.” Examples include:
  • Eliminate marketing of unhealthy foods to children in schools
  • Institute fees and/or taxes on sweetened beverages to reduce consumption of unhealthy beverages, particularly among children and youth
  • Pass “Complete Streets” policies in more communities around the country to create streets that are safe for all travelers
  • Increase communities engaged in Safe Routes to School; particularly emphasizing the role of businesses in developing safe havens for children and youth
  • Establish procurement policies among businesses and government institutions to support local, healthy, sustainable food production
  • Establish Fresh Food Financing policies and other strategies to increase access to healthy foods in low income communities and communities of color
  • Reduce concentrated animal feeding operations to improve air quality and respiratory health
  • Refocus resources to support comprehensive, community-based approaches to preventing violence
  • Improve economic opportunities with skill-building and job training programs and increased employment opportunities, particularly for youth
  • Establish Baby Friendly Hospitals to increase rates of breastfeeding initiation and reduce marketing of formula in health care facilities
  • Strengthen housing standards around lead, mold, and other household health risks
  • Support asthma prevention strategies including reduction of exposure to pesticides and other air contaminants
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