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July 21st, 2011

Health Reform Rapid Response: the conversation on prevention

Bolstering your own community’s successes with rigorous study data helps make the case for prevention more effectively. This week, we highlight several studies that provide concrete evidence for what we already know: community prevention works—and it’s working right now.

The Studies Know of any other new research to make the case for prevention? Please share them with us.

Tips to guide your conversation

When paired with the talking points below, studies like these underscore that prevention efforts are evidence based, and show multiple benefits—better health, more jobs and increased economic vitality.
  • Prevention is based on decades of solid science. We all deserve to be healthy, and we are proud of the communities across the countries that are already showing results and building health.
  • Experience and research show that building health in the places people live, work and play saves lives and money.  Federal and local prevention dollars support strategies that have been field tested.
  • We need to expand what is already working across the country so that everyone can enjoy health and prosperity. We can’t afford not to invest in what works.

What you can do:

  • Send your congressperson a letter today, educating them about the importance of  community prevention: we’ve made it easy, with tailored emails that you can send directly to your legislators.
  • Partner with local leaders from different sectors--business, medicine, community members--to author a joint op-ed on the power of prevention.
  • Write a blog, op-ed or letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Have a successful example of community prevention in action? Please share it with us so we can include it in our talking points.
  • Visit our Health Reform Advocacy page for more information.

Register Now-- Affordable Care Act: Sharing the Evidence, Putting Leadership & Resources into Action

Wednesday, July 27
11:30 a.m.--1:00 p.m.PT
2:30 p.m.-- 4:00 p.m. ET

Join a discussion on key strategies, tools and resources that communities can use to elevate the success of community prevention efforts and educate legislators. Register now.    

Cato Institute reads Health Reform Rapid Response

A fellow from the conservative Cato Institute linked to a recent Health Reform Rapid Response from his blog post on overlawyered.com, suggesting we’re behind a “barrage of letters defending government role in diet.” We say, thanks to passionate and dedicated prevention advocates— keep up the great work!


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