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August 8th, 2011

Sign On: All Communities Deserve Safe Places to Play and Be Active

All communities deserve safe places to play and be physically active. Far too many Americans are unable to get active because their communities lack safe, well-maintained paths and sidewalks; clean, well-lit parks; accessible school playgrounds; affordable public transit; quality physical education and places to safely walk and bike. This just isn’t fair. States and localities are facing tough budgetary decisions, but cutting resources for parks, playgrounds and open spaces is a short-sighted approach. Investments in physical activity infrastructure can have immediate and long term benefits to health and safety: they can provide safe places to play, reduce traffic congestion, increase community livability, use land more efficiently—and spur local economic development by increasing residential and commercial property values.

Safe Places to Play and Be Active, a sign-on declaration developed by the Joint Use Statewide Task Force and the Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments, articulates a shared vision for equal and accessible physical activity opportunities for all. With a robust list of endorsements, Safe Places to Play and Be Active will be presented to local, state, and federal policymakers to garner their support for effective health and equity promoting policies and practices.

Download Safe Places to Play and Be Active to learn more and join us in declaring your support for the basic right that every child and family has to safe places for play and physical activity. Sign on today as an organizational or individual endorser by contacting Sandra Viera, Program Coordinator at Prevention Institute (Sandra@preventioninstitute.org).

Safe Places to Play and Be Active: Webinar Series

Co-hosted by Latino Health Access and Strategic Alliance
Part One: Enhancing Physical Activity Environments through Data and Walkability Assessments

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
10:30 am – 12:00 noon PDT
Register here!

Public health departments, community-based organizations, youth groups, and school districts across California are leading the way in creating safe and accessible physical activity opportunities. Join us for the first of this three-part webinar series to learn how advocates are transforming neighborhoods into safe and healthy communities by increasing access to parks and open space as well as investing in physical activity infrastructure like sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks.

Joint Use of Schools Webinar

American Planning Association
Thursday, August 26, 2011
2:00-3:30 EDT

This webinar will provide an overview of joint use, describe the most common types of JUAs for recreation and physical activity, outline typical barriers and opportunities to joint use based on interviews with school and parks administrators, and present one planner’s decade-long experience leading a joint use task force in North Carolina, focusing on his efforts to enhance the collaboration between more than two dozen local agencies. Register here.

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