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October 20, 2011

Food Day California is Almost Here!
Make the day count – make your voice heard.

Across California, advocates are using Food Day—set for Monday, October 24th—to call for healthy, equitable food systems in their communities. Food Day is the perfect opportunity to speak out about issues that matter most to you. At a time when critically important federal nutrition assistance programs are vulnerable to cuts, and federal efforts to protect children from aggressive junk food marketing are being undermined by the food and beverage industries, we at Strategic Alliance are using the day to highlight simple actions advocates can take to stand up for health.
Here are ways you and your partners can take action on Food Day to help advance health, equity, and well-being in the state.

  1. Protect WIC from devastating funding cuts. WIC provides a critical service for families and children. WIC feeds the hungry, prevents poor birth outcomes and chronic ill health, generates jobs, and helps local economies. Proposed cuts to the program are unacceptable, and are in no way inevitable. Click here to join California WIC Association’s “We Need WIC” campaign, and learn what you can do to get informed and get involved.
  2. Advocate for a just and healthy Farm Bill. Join Strategic Alliance and our partners as we advocate for a Farm Bill that bolsters our health, agricultural industry, economy, and the environment, while keeping equity and sustainability at the forefront.  It also puts food assistance programs, including SNAP/CalFresh front and center, calling for protection of programs that effectively fight hunger and improve nutrition. Click here for actions you can take as an individual, organization, and/or Food Day event host.
  3. Curb junk food marketing to kids by supporting voluntary guidelines for foods marketed to children. Watch and share “We’re Not Buying It”, a video highlighting the deceptive ways that food and beverage companies target our kids with unhealthy foods. Then, sign our petition asking President Obama to support federal guidelines that would provide voluntary standards for food marketing to kids.
  4. Food Day is a great opportunity to engage passionate and committed youth. Do you know a 13 to 18-year-old in California working to make changes and improve health in his or her community? Then the MO Project is for them! CANFIT's online media contest is an opportunity for youth to create a PSA or Spoken Word video highlighting what they’re doing to make their community a safe, active, and healthy place. Click here for more information!

IOM Releases Phase II Report on Front-of-Package Labeling

Strategic Alliance calls the IOM's recommendations for a clear, uniform front-of-package labeling system a step in the right direction.  Click here to read Prevention Institute and Strategic Alliance's statement.

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