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November 18th, 2011

RFP: Health Care Innovation Challenge opens window for prevention

On Monday, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) announced the availability of up to $1 billion in awards to projects across the country through the Health Care Innovation Challenge (see the announcement here). Created through the Affordable Care Act, the Innovation Challenge “will fund applicants who propose compelling new models of service delivery/payment improvements that hold the promise of delivering the three-part aim of better health, better care, and lower costs.” Prevention Institute has long advocated for health and prevention in communities; CMMI offers a new and critical opportunity for prevention advocates to join with health care providers and institutions to address community health as a vital component of healthcare.

This funding announcement focuses primarily on improved care provision, and also contains a number of opportunities to align community prevention strategies with those of health care. These include an emphasis on developing new capacities within the health workforce (in particular community health workers), among the most vulnerable and those who “face obstacles when accessing health services or working toward a healthier lifestyle,” and a desire to see strategies that will demonstrate cost savings in a relatively short time period. We know that public health and community prevention practitioners have the experience, evidence, and tools to address those elements by improving environments and focusing on issues including diabetes, asthma, and injuries. Prevention Institute continues to provide input and recommendations to CMMI on linking prevention and clinical services, building on the efforts of our Community Centered Health Homes work.

Eligibility requirements are very expansive. This is a landmark investment and one that has great potential to advance approaches that better align expenditures with strategies that most effectively protect and promote health and safety. We applaud CMMI for the breadth and vision evident in this funding announcement, are pleased to see the opportunities created for prevention, and encourage a surge of creative thinking about potential projects and partnerships.

View the Health Care Innovation Challenge proposal.

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