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November 22nd, 2011

Congress Puts Food Industry Interests Over Child Health

Tell Congress that you are disappointed that they didn’t stand up for children’s health.

Last week, Congress passed legislation that limits USDA’s ability to implement strong, science-based nutrition standards for school meals. The legislation was in response to aggressive industry lobbying, and it means that school meals won’t go as far as they should in promoting child health.

With no updates to school meal nutrition standards in 15 years, USDA has had a critical opportunity to align school meals with national dietary guidelines. The Department proposed common-sense standards for schools to double the servings of fruits and vegetables, increase whole grains and low-fat dairy, and set limits on calories, salt, and unhealthy fats.  But last week’s Agriculture spending bill blocks key science-based restrictions aimed at improving school meals.

At a time when child nutrition is a national health concern, Congress should be supporting USDA and school efforts to serve healthier school meals, not undermining them. Please email your Senators and Representative today and let them know that you’re disappointed that they let industry interests outweigh child health.

Watch and Sign on: We're Not Buying It

Watch "We're Not Buying It: Stop Junk Food Marketing to Kids" a video highlighting deceptive marketing to children, debunking industry claims, and exploring the latest research. Join us in telling the President to stand up for the health of our kids. 

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