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February 17th, 2011

Congress cuts federal prevention funding by six billion

Congress just voted to slash the historic Prevention and Public Health Fund by more than six billion dollars. Their decision will affect the health and well-being of millions of Americans, and will undercut one of our most important strategies for bending the cost curve in our health care system: prevention. These cuts are amplified by reduced funding in other public health programs, leaving fewer resources to be stretched even thinner across the country, and will disproportionately impact rural, low-income and communities of color.

We were deeply disappointed to see Congress sacrifice prevention funding. We were also very gratified to see our allies and colleagues from across the country stand up for prevention: thousands of you made calls to congress, contacted your networks, and lifted up your prevention work in the media.

Senator Harry Reid said this morning that he is confident that prevention funding will be ‘replenished.’ We cannot take that as a sure thing. Each of us must work harder than ever to share the power of prevention.

Even with reduced funding, communities will continue implementing the evidence-based strategies that are bettering their health.   Though Congress took a step backward this week, they will have many more opportunities to stand up for prevention. Let’s hope they’ll stay on the right side of history.

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