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March 23rd, 2012

Broadcast your Community Prevention Successes on the Affordable Care Act Anniversary

To commemorate the Affordable Care Act’s momentous second anniversary, Prevention Institute invites you—as communities, individuals, and advocates—to join us today on Twitter as we highlight the benefits of community prevention. Use #preventionworks and #ACA as hashtags today in order to broadcast your community's prevention successes—especially the number of community members your prevention work has impacted or reached. We want to demonstrate the magnitude of community prevention efforts and send a unified message to decision makers, showing how millions of Americans are now living in healthier, safer, and more equitable communities—thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act.

  • Follow @preventioninst  (http://twitter.com/preventioninst)
  • Tweet your success under the hashtag #preventionworks, and include #ACA
  • Share the number of people who have benefited from your initiative(s)
  • Educate your legislator by directing your tweet to them
  • Post your community prevention successes on our Facebook page
  • Retweet PI’s #preventionworks posts (see below)

With its historic investments in community prevention and wellness, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is building upon the successes of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) program—providing dedicated federal funding to local communities to implement community prevention strategies tailored to work for them. We know prevention works, and as community residents, public health professionals, and advocates, we must share our successes. Join us on today, and stand up for community prevention.

Here are some sample tweets you can send, or use to help write your own:

  • #ACA has helped us create healthier, safer, more equitable communities. Stand up for #prevention. #preventionworks
  • Join us! Celebrate #ACA w/ @preventioninst: tweet yr cmty success stories of #prevention in action to show #preventionworks
  • Nashville, TN: New 26-mile bikeway keeps Nashville healthy, active, green http://tnne.ws/GJw0yX #preventionworks #cppw #ACA
  • Healthcare costs rise 15% more slowly for #WorksiteWellness program participants than others http://dld.bz/bfWYx #ACA #preventionworks
  • Seattle: 124,000+ students benefiting from improved school #foodenviros & physical activity http://dld.bz/bfXj3 #CPPW #preventionworks #ACA
  • Increased park proximity means higher levels of park use & physical activity http://dld.bz/bfXsc #preventionworks #ACA

Not on Twitter?

You can still follow the conversation via this link: https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23preventionworks 

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