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April 20th, 2012

House Proposal Set to Dismantle the Prevention and Public Health Fund

With Congress back in session this week, budget negotiations for FY13 are starting to heat up. House leadership has instructed several committees to find “savings”—to the tune of $18 billion in the first year alone—as an alternative to sequestration cuts triggered by the failure of last fall’s Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. With directives from House leadership to eliminate “government slush funds,” the House Energy and Commerce committee is hosting a mark-up next Wednesday, April 25, drawing savings largely from domestic health programs—including the proposed elimination of the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Not only would this proposal eliminate the Fund, it would also rescind any of the Fund’s unobligated dollars.

This latest move is just one part of an ongoing strategy to dismantle prevention efforts across the country. The Prevention and Public Health Fund is the nation’s greatest source of dedicated prevention funding; it moves us towards a system that improves health, saves lives, reduces costs and strengthens our country. We simply can’t afford to go backwards. 

We need broad and sustained mobilization from you—prevention’s staunchest supporters—both immediately, and on an ongoing basis. As a first step, we are asking that you all be prepared to take action next Tuesday, April 24—to contact the members of the House Energy and Commerce committee, as well as the House Budget committee. Legislators need to hear directly from you about the value of community prevention and why they should stand up for the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Stay tuned for more information on how to take action.

Stay tuned: Health Reform Advocacy

Visit our Health Reform Advocacy page, where we'll be posting more information on how you can take action on Tuesday, April 24th by contacting the members of the House Energy and Commerce committee, and the House Budget committee.

We invite you to also explore our messaging and framing tools on prevention and health reform, complete with the latest talking and data points, a sample letter-to-the-editor, and more.

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