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June 15th, 2012

Sustaining Congressional Support for Prevention

In the face of ongoing agitation against the Prevention and Public Health Fund, the Senate Appropriations Committee took a bold stand this week--passing a measure that ensures full funding in the next fiscal year for this critical investment. While we appreciate having such prevention champions in Congress, the fact of the matter is that prevention is still under attack.

Though the fate of Affordable Care Act rests in the hands of the Supreme Court justices, we cannot afford to let our nation move backwards in our efforts to create a reformed and sustainable approach to health. We can and we must continue our efforts to educate our legislators on the value and impact of community prevention efforts.

The Stories
This week, our Congressional allies have spoken out in support of the Fund--recognizing that the Fund is a vital investment that cannot be compromised.

  • The Hill’s "Senate Democrats beat back attempts to defund healthcare law" afforded Sen. Tom Harkin an opportunity to debunk familiar rhetoric against the Fund: “When they say it a slush fund... it is impossible... we know where the money goes.”
  • The Des Moines Register reports in "Student loan rate debate intensifies as deadline draws near," on the continued impasse over the extension of student loan interest rates. Responding to calls to cut the Fund to pay for the extension, Rep. Leonard Boswell refuses to jeopardize our single national investment in advancing prevention and wellness: “I’m open to considering future proposals, but robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t going to cut it.”

What you can do

National Prevention Council Action Plan

On June 13, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin announced the release of the National Prevention Council Action Plan, the next step in the federal implementation of the National Prevention Strategy. The National Prevention Strategy encourages all sectors of society--from all levels of government to businesses and community organizations--to recognize the role each sector plays in promoting health through their work. 

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