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September 7th, 2012

Time is running out-- Join our August Recess Community Prevention Works Campaign

August Recess ends today! There's still time to tell your legislators about your prevention success stories. Big or small, your stories will help legislators appreciate the impact that community prevention is having on California residents, right now.

Prevention Institute’s Community Prevention Works campaign makes it easy to let your legislators know about your community prevention successes. Here's how to get involved:

We are also compiling success stories from this campaign and sharing them with California Senators Feinstein and Boxer; we want to make sure we have stories that represent the breadth of work taking place throughout California.. If you decide to mail a letter to your legislator, please send a copy to us. If you’re not able to participate in the campaign, you can still send us your success stories to share with the Senators.

Join the campaign before your legislators return to D.C. on Monday! Together, we can help our leaders understand the true impact of community prevention.

Join our Community Prevention Works campaign today

Send an email directly to your legislators, and tell them that prevention works -- and is working right now, where you live.  Don't forget to write in your own community prevention success stories so that your letter is tailored to the work happening locally, in your community.

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