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September 13th, 2012

Prevention Institute turns 15--RSVP today!

Reminder: You’re invited to join PI staff, colleagues and friends next Friday, September 21st from 4-7 at our Oakland office as we celebrate our 15th birthday. This will be an informal gathering, without any speakers, and we’ll have neat food, drinks and a poster we consider a collectors item. Please RSVP to PI15@preventioninstitute.org.

In commemoration of our 15 years, we commissioned a beautiful and unique rocking bench made by artist Rufus Blunk, who crafted it from a 1000-year-old rescued redwood tree. Rufus is emerging as one of the nation's leading wood craftspeople, and we invite you to meet him at the reception.

The redwood tree can grow over 300 feet tall, and live for over 2000 years--but it cannot stand alone. Beneath the surface of every redwood is a vast, intertwining root network that connects each tree to its neighbor. When the storms blow against the redwood, it is able to survive and will continues to thrive because it relies upon the strength of the whole forest. 

With an understanding of this principle, Prevention Institute has spent the last 15 years promoting community well-being by recognizing that the quality of the systems that bind us together profoundly impact each and every one of us. We have been honored to witness and contribute to many advances made in the fields of prevention and equity in the last 15 years, and look forward to maintaining and growing our partnerships with you as we work together to build healthier, more equitable communities for all.

Prevention Institute is located at 221 Oak Street, at the corner of 3rd street near Jack London Square, in Oakland, California, and accessible by public transit. Get directions to our offices.

Upcoming PI Events:

- Civil rights attorney Connie Rice will read from her new book, “Power Concedes Nothing” about her work on civil rights and gang violence Tuesday Sept. 18 at 4:30 pm at our offices. More information.

- PI Managing director Rachel Davis will present our work on preventing violence at the Congressional Black Caucus Fall Health Braintrust summit on Sept. 21. We’ll tell you more in an upcoming e-alert.

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