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April 15, 2013

California’s 2013 Prevention Legislation Needs Your Support

Here at Strategic Alliance, we’re keeping a watchful eye on the California legislature this spring. Legislation under consideration this session includes bills to institute baby-friendly policies in all California hospitals, tax sugary drinks to fund child health promotion, implement strong nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold on state property, establish a permanent statewide Safe Routes to School program, and ensure that worksite wellness programs incentivize health, instead of serving as a vehicle for employers or insurers to shift costs to less healthy people.  

As a group, these bills represent a vision for a healthier, more equitable California. Today, and the coming weeks, present a vital window for advocates to take action in support.  Below, we’ve provided key actions and deadlines so that you can speak up in support of these bills this April.  


SB 402 -- Baby Friendly Hospitals in California

SB 402 would require California perinatal hospitals to be Baby Friendly by 2020 or adopt an equivalent process, recognized by the California Department of Public Health. The bill would ensure that all mothers that enter the hospital with an intent to breastfeed are supported in doing so. Read the full text of the bill here

Advocacy opportunities and resources:

  • Submit your letter of support TODAY: SB 402 is headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee, where the financial impact of the bill will be scrutinized. Write letters of support today to Senator Kevin De Leon (bill sponsor and chair of Appropriations committee) and email your letter as an attachment to his Appropriations staffer, Larissa Pitts (larissa.pitts@sen.ca.gov), and copy California WIC Association’s Donna Hoffman (dhoffman@calwic.org).
  • A press release, fact sheet, and other educational and advocacy materials are posted on the California WIC Association website.
  • Check out our recent legislative advocacy action alert for more framing and messaging guidance.

SB 622: Taxing Sugary Drinks to Fund Childhood Obesity Prevention

This bill would impose a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drink distributors, with all revenues going to the Children’s Health Promotion Fund to be spent on childhood obesity prevention activities. Read the full text of the bill here.

Advocacy opportunities and resources:

  • Fax a letter of support to the Senate Committee on Government and Finance (916-322-0298) by Wednesday, April 17. For a sample letter of support and fact sheet on SB 622, visit the California Center for Public Health Advocacy.
  • Attend the Senate Committee on Government and Finance hearing on Wednesday, April 24.


AB 459: Healthy State Vending Policy

This bill would require that food and beverages meet accepted nutritional guidelines if sold in a state-owned or state-leased building, or in a vending machine on state property. Read the full text of the bill here

Advocacy opportunities and resources:


AB 1194: Safe Routes to School

This bill would permanently establish California’s Safe Routes to Schools Program as a state-managed program with a dedicated funding stream. Read the full text of the bill here

Advocacy opportunities and resources:

  • Submit your letter of support TODAY: Fax a letter of support to the Transportation Committee (916-319-2170). You can download a sample letter of support developed by the Safe Routes to School Partnership.


SB 189: Health Care Coverage - Wellness Programs

This bill ensures that worksite wellness programs will not tie health outcomes to premiums and other cost-sharing mechanisms so that employers and insurers cannot shift health care costs to less healthy people. Read the full text of the bill here.

Advocacy opportunities:

  • The Senate Health Committee hearing for this bill has not yet been scheduled, but will likely take place on May 1. Fax letters of support to the Senate Health Committee (916-324-0384) by Wednesday, April 24, to ensure your voice is heard.

CA’s Cap and Trade Program: An Opportunity to Invest in Community Health

Prevention Institute’s Menaka Mohan guest-blogs for Transform, sharing opportunities for advocates to speak up for funding projects that benefit public health while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

New Resource: Thriving Schools 

Kaiser Permanente has just launched its new Thriving Schools initiative for school wellness resources. 

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