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Health Reform Rapid Response: May 10, 2013

Thank Our Prevention Champions in Congress -- and Help Nurture New Ones

"The Prevention Fund gives us an unprecedented opportunity to bend the cost curve by jumpstarting the transformation of America into a true wellness society – a society that focuses on preventing disease and thereby saves both lives and money. This fund is saving lives, and saving money. To slash this Fund, as the White House intends to do, is bad public policy – and bad priorities. To take money from the Prevention Fund is to cannibalize the Affordable Care Act in ways that will cost both money and lives. It is a violation of both the letter and spirit of this landmark law.” -- Senator Tom Harkin

In the face of more cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund, Senator Tom Harkin continues to stand strong in his support for healthier, more equitable communities. The Iowa Senator helped create the Prevention and Public Health Fund, and has fought tirelessly to defend it. This week was no different: Harkin released an amazing statement in support of the Fund, calling again on the White House to recognize the critical role that prevention plays in improving our nation’s health. Sadly, Sen. Harkin is retiring next year, making it all the more important for advocates of prevention to build a broad base of support and identify new prevention champions in Congress.

The good news is that while House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- including the Prevention and Public Health Fund -- for about the 38th time, other leaders are stepping forward. In the spirit of thanking our friends, we want to acknowledge Senator Al Franken and Representatives Lois Capps and Frank Pallone for their support of the Prevention Fund. At a time when the Prevention Fund has come under attack from many quarters, they’ve stood firm.

What you can do
Harkin, Franken, Capps and Pallone are working hard to protect the Fund -- but they can’t do it alone. We need your help building a strong base of prevention champions in Congress: Use our online tool to thank these legislators and tell them what their efforts to preserve prevention funding mean to your community. If you’ve already done so, we ask that you forward this email to five friends and colleagues and ask them to do the same. Thank you for taking the time to thank and encourage prevention supporters.

Senator Harkin Defends Prevention

Watch the full video of Harkin’s statement, here.

Already sent a thank-you email? Ask your friends to send one, too

We’d love your help in spreading the word -- please forward this email to your friends and colleagues, and share with your networks on social media. Here are sample tweets that you can use:

Join me -- send a letter thanking Congressional leaders for their support of #prevention: http://bit.ly/Zn6GG2 @preventioninst

A little thanks can go a long way! Send a thank-you letter to #prevention leaders in Congress http://bit.ly/Zn6GG2 via @preventioninst

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