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Health Reform Rapid Response: May 31, 2013

Another Day, Another Attack at the Prevention Fund. Help Us Respond

Yesterday, Forbes ran a column by Stuart Taylor Jr. that recycles some tired old talking points. It attacks the Affordable Care Act, the Prevention and Public Health Fund, the Centers for Disease Control and local health officials across the country. Taylor gives aid and comfort to the campaign to silence scientists and public health experts, block prevention strategies, and stop our communities from advancing health and wellness on the ground.

In their latest piece, PI’s Rob Waters and William L. Haar rebut Taylor and explore what’s at stake when lobbyists and industry aim to block prevention and public health at every turn. As champions of prevention and public health, it’s critical that we capitalize on moments like this to make our voices heard, too. Here are some talking points you can use to help debunk claims like Taylor’s:

  • The Affordable Care Act—and the Prevention Fund—were passed by majorities in both houses of Congress, signed by the president, and upheld by the Supreme Court. It’s been the law of the land for over three years. President Obama ran on it as his signature accomplishment and was reelected handily. It’s time to stop questioning its legitimacy and focus on its goals: healthier, more equitable communities.
  • Prevention is based on decades of solid science. We all deserve to be healthy, and we are proud of the communities that are showing results and building health through community prevention.
  • 73 percent of Americans support prevention efforts. Even more back efforts to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into our stores, provide healthier lunches for kids, and protect our communities and children from tobacco. These strategies safeguard the health of children and families.

Taylor’s attack on prevention is circulating on Forbes and being shared on Facebook. We hope you’ll join the conversation too: Share Rob and Will’s article on Facebook and Twitter. Send it to your friends and colleagues. Comment on both pieces in Forbes. Feel free to use the tips in this alert to craft your comments.

Itching to join the conversation?  

Share Rob and Will’s article on Facebook and Twitter. And, don't forget to comment on their piece in Forbes.

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