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August 1, 2013

Keep the Momentum Going: Prevention Legislation Enters Home Stretch

It’s been an active legislative session for California public health advocates, who have worked overtime to promote a wide range of bills designed to improve health, safety and equity in California. From legislation to require baby-friendly hospitals to the establishment of a permanent statewide Safe Routes to School program, these bills advanced a vision of a healthier California.

While some prevention bills have stalled in committee, others continue to make their way through the legislature. Kudos to the advocates and state leaders that have kept these critical bills moving! As the legislature reconvenes over the next few weeks, we encourage California advocates to join us and speak out in support of these bills to ensure they make it to the Governor’s desk!

Here’s a round-up of prevention legislation that’s still in play and links to up-to-date information to help you make your voice heard:

SB 1 (Steinberg) Sustainable Communities Investment Authority
Authorizes cities and counties to form and fund a Sustainable Communities Investment Authority to adopt an investment plan to stimulate local economic development, affordable housing, and healthier communities. Read the full text of the bill
Sponsor: Senators Steinberg and DeSaulnier
Status: Will be heard by the Assembly Committee on Local Government in mid-August.
Visit LAANE’s website for updates.

SB 402 (DeLeon and Pavley) Baby-Friendly Hospitals
Requires California perinatal hospitals to take a series of steps to promote breastfeeding  and be recognized by the California Department of Public Health as baby-friendly hospitals. The full text of the bill can be found
California WIC Association
Status: Passed the Senate and was cleared by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. In mid-August, the bill will head to the Assembly floor for a final vote.
Sign up for CalWIC action alerts for updates.

AB191 (Bocanegra) Strengthening the Connection Between CalFresh and Medi-Cal
Improves alignment between CalFresh, California’s SNAP program, and Medi-Cal in order to ensure that low-income households with a Medi-Cal recipient also receive CalFresh benefits to help them buy food. Read the full text of the bill
California Food Policy Advocates
Status: Passed Assembly. Passed Senate Human Services committee. Scheduled to be heard in Senate Appropriations on August 12.
Sign up for CFPA action alerts for updates.

AB 290 (Alejo) Foundations for Healthy Nutrition in Child Care
Increases the required hours of training in preventive health practices for providers to include one hour on childhood nutrition. Read the full text of the bill
California Food Policy Advocates
Status: Passed Assembly. Currently on suspense in Senate Appropriations. CFPA is working with committee staff to address concerns about fiscal impact of AB 290 and move the bill off hold. No hearings scheduled.
Sign up for CFPA action alerts for updates.

AB 1194 (Ammiano) Safe Routes to School
Establishes a permanent Safe Routes to Schools Program within CalTrans. Read the full text of the bill
Safe Routes to School Partnership
Status: Placed on hold while transportation agency works out adequate protections for Safe Routes funding within the new Active Transportation Program.
Follow the blog of Safe Routes to School in California for updates.

Today at the Capitol: Preventing Violence, Promoting Health

Today at 10:30am in Sacramento, organizations working to prevent violence will conduct a legislative briefing to describe the kinds of violence-prevention approaches that have been successful in a number of cities and that can help reduce violence in communities across California. Register here.

Safe Routes to School Conference Comes to Sacramento

Learn how Safe Routes to School programs across the nation are changing the habits of an entire generation of school children while improving the health and environment of numerous communities. The conference will be held August 13-15 in Sacramento. Register here. 

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