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Health Reform Rapid Response: August 2, 2013

Don’t Like the News? It’s Time to Make Some of Our Own

While Congressional opponents of the Affordable Care Act ramp up efforts to dismantle health reform, we’re mounting our own August campaign. Our goal: to enlist new prevention champions and supporters of the Affordable Care Act—and to go out and make some news of our own.

If you’ve paid any attention to the news recently, you know that some members of Congress are so intent on crippling health reform, they’re willing to force a government shutdown. Starting next Monday, Representatives will flee the heat of Washington DC and head home for a month to their districts. August promises to be a month of raging debate and heated town-hall meetings that could help shape the future of health reform and prevention. It’s a critical time for prevention supporters to reach out to legislators and to make our voices heard in the media.

The Affordable Care Act is helping move the country from a health system focused on sick-care to one that emphasizes health, wellness and prevention. It already has enabled local communities in every state in the country to start prevention initiatives that are improving local environments and saving money and lives. ACA can improve America’s health and control sky-high costs, but only if it survives and continues to emphasize prevention.

This August Recess, we must maintain a steady drumbeat in support of prevention and the ACA, making the case to legislators, and to local and national media outlets.

To help you do that, Prevention Institute is launching our August Recess Campaign for Community Prevention. It’s designed to help you make the case for prevention and the ACA by reaching legislators and making your voice heard in the media. We’ll give you updated talking points, new tools and handy tips for how to best make the case for a health system that supports wellness and prevention as well as quality treatment.

We also need your help in enlarging the community of prevention champions. We hope you’ll ask three friends or colleagues to sign up for our Health Reform Rapid Response network. With our August Recess Campaign for Community Prevention right around the corner, now is a great time to join. Send a quick email using our simple tool.

Supporting Prevention: A Politician Who Gets It

“Taking money from the Prevention and Public Health Fund” is a “shortsighted” strategy, says Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. Read more of his great comments here.

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