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Health Reform Rapid Response: August 9, 2013

Bring the Light, Bring the Heat:
Join Our August Recess Campaign for Community Prevention

Welcome to Week One of our August Recess Campaign for Community Prevention! Senators and Representatives have left Washington DC for their home districts, and it’s a great time for prevention supporters to reach out to legislators and to make our voices heard in the media.

As prevention campaigners, we know the Prevention and Public Health Fund is helping stem the rise of chronic disease and health care spending all across the country. The Fund supports local communities as they work to foster good health in the first place, saving money that now goes into treating people after they get sick or injured.

Unfortunately, some members of Congress still don’t get it. Since its creation, critics have tried to cut or repeal the Fund and the Affordable Care Act 40 times—and they’re not letting up.

Thankfully, prevention has some strong backers. “Taking money from the Prevention and Public Health Fund” is a “shortsighted” strategy, Connecticut Senator Blumenthal said last week. He joined Senators Harkin (IA), Durbin (IL), Udall (NM), Udall (CO), and Franken (MN) in sending letters to all members of Congress supporting the Prevention Fund and listing out the Fund’s investments in each state. We’re thrilled to see new and old Congressional prevention champions stand up for the Fund.

With Sen. Harkin retiring next year, it’s critical that we cultivate new prevention champions in Congress. This week, as we kick off our August campaign, we hope you’ll thank these six Senators for their support. Use our simple tool to send a tailored letter, and don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter. We need to mobilize many voices to send a loud, clear message of thanks.

Attend a Town-Hall Meeting

During August Recess, town-hall meetings provide a chance to make the case by highlighting prevention successes in your community. Don’t forget—lawmakers need to “see” prevention in action. It’s important to describe how investments in prevention are reshaping your community and creating opportunities for good health in schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.  

If you attend a town-hall meeting, don’t forget to snap a picture and send it to us, or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll share it with our networks—and you may get a shout-out in an upcoming Rapid Response!

Who’s Your Prevention Champ?

The White House is celebrating local leaders who are taking innovative approaches to support longer, healthier lives in communities across the country. Learn more and nominate your champions here.

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