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Strategic Alliance Action Alert: September 17, 2013

Encourage Governor Brown to sign SB 402 into law

TAKE ACTION TODAY to support baby friendly hospitals in California!

SB 402, which would require every perinatal hospital in California to adopt the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding by January 2025, has made it to the Governor’s desk and is awaiting signature.

Our latest California Blog post enlists new data by UC Davis Center for Human Lactation and the California WIC Association on hospital breastfeeding rates and rankings to show how SB 402 will help close the equity gap: 

Hospital experiences vary widely across socioeconomic lines. The UC Davis report found that the hospitals that did the poorest job of helping women to breastfeed are those that served the largest numbers of low-income women and infants. The 15 lowest performing hospitals are based in Kern, San Bernardino, and Orange counties, and report high percentages of Medi-Cal births.  

The legislation that could help change this situation is Senate Bill 402.

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Let Governor Brown know that you support legislation that improves the health of mothers and babies, and helps all mothers realize their breastfeeding goals! Email or fax (916-558-3160) your letter of support encouraging Governor Brown to sign SB 402 into law by Thursday, September 19! 

Resources for your letter of support

For sample letters of support, visit the California WIC Association website. You can find key messages to cover in your letter here.

Keep up with California prevention legislation

For up-to-date information on the status of California prevention legislation, visit our policy page.  

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