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Health Reform Rapid Response: March 13, 2014

Q&A with Berkeley Media Studies Group's Kathi Schaff: Talking about Health Equity 

This week’s rapid response is the first in a new series, designed to help prevention champions master the skills needed to make the case for healthier communities through prevention and equity. Future topics will include using data to make the case, writing outside your comfort zone and telling personal stories that support policy change. This series is co-produced by Prevention Institute’s Health Reform Rapid Response Network and Strategic Alliance Rapid Response

We’re always on the lookout for resources that inspire us and help us communicate better. That’s why a recent post over at the Berkeley Media Studies Group blog -- 7 things advocates should know when communicating about health equity -- got us so excited. The author, Katherine Schaff is pursuing her DrPH at UC Berkeley, and working closely with BMSG to study communications and health equity. Here’s a snippet that explains why she felt the need to write the blog:

“Why, I wondered, was I struggling to explain the work that inspired so much passion and urgency for me? And if I couldn't explain it to someone in casual conversation, how could I possibly communicate about such a crucial public health issue in a way that resonates with people and helps build collective action toward creating healthy communities?”

We caught up with Katherine to hear more about how advocates can effectively communicate for change to advance health equity. Read more at Strategic Alliance's California Blog... 

Here are some health equity resources Kathi recommends: 

Communications as if Movement Mattered

This blog post by Makani Themba shows “how public health can work in partnership with community-based groups in a way that advances justice, both in the outcomes, and the process that we join together in this work.” 

Systems Thinking and Race

This resource from the California Endowment “has been really helpful for me in understanding the role of communication in changing systems, and the role that systems play on how we communicate.” 

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