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Strategic Alliance Alert: April 21, 2014

Submit comments by April 25 to shape CA Office of Health Equity’s Strategic Plan

When it comes to health in California, no community should be left behind. All communities, no matter their demographics or economic status, should have an equal opportunity to achieve good health for their residents. That was the idea behind the creation of California’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) in 2012. Now the office is starting to work to implement that vision.

As a first step, OHE has released a draft of California’s first-ever Statewide Plan to Promote Health and Mental Health Equity. This plan is intended to serve as a roadmap to achieving health for all California communities.

Your feedback matters.
ln order to ensure that the Plan reflects the thinking of diverse stakeholders and community priorities, review the first draft and provide feedback by filling out this survey (available in English and Spanish). Please submit your comments by April 25 so that your feedback can be reflected in the next draft of the Strategic Plan.
The next OHE Advisory Committee is May 12-13 in Sacramento. If you’re able to attend in person, that’s a great opportunity to make your voice heard. Prevention Institute’s Jeremy Cantor is on the Advisory Committee and is available to discuss OHE  and the Strategic Plan (email jeremy@preventioninstitute.org).

Review the Draft Strategic Plan

Check out the first draft of the California Office for Health Equity’s strategic plan and provide feedback by filling out this survey (available in English and Spanish). 

Attend the Office of Health Equity Advisory Committee Meeting

This meeting will take place Monday, May 12, and Tuesday, May 13, at Sierra Health Foundation, 1321 Garden Highway in Sacramento. 

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