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Prevention Institute alert: August 1, 2014

It’s All About Health: Check Out Our Blogs on Clinics that Promote Prevention and a Federal Soda Tax

In Community Commons: Clinics Without Walls Point the Way to Healthier Communities

Health providers like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Asian Health Services in Oakland work closely with local partners to change conditions in their communities that lead to disease and injury. Their work—reducing traffic accidents and forcing landlords to clean up buildings that trigger asthma attacks in kids—are great examples of what Prevention Institute calls Community-Centered Health Homes. PI’s Leslie Mikkelson and Rob Waters write all about it in a Guest Voice in Community Commons.

In Forbes: How Sweet It Would Be: Taxing Soda to Promote Health

On Wednesday, Representatives Rosa DeLauro, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Jim Moran introduced a bill in Congress to place a penny-per-teaspoon tax on the sugar that’s added to soda and other sweetened beverages.

It’s a great idea that will help stir the pot and kickstart a sustained conversation on ways to reverse the diabetes and chronic disease epidemics linked to the consumption of soda. PI’s Rob Waters wrote about it in his blog yesterday in Forbes, noting that the U.S. should take a lesson from Mexico, which last year passed a tax on soda and junk food—with the proceeds going to improve access to fresh drinking water. This month, Mexico imposed regulations keeping purveyors of junk food and soda from advertising in the afternoons and weekends on TV.

(Note: The Forbes blog hit the Google news home page and is racking up hits…Feel free to add your comments on the site.)

Photo credit: sugarstacks.com

From Kools to Cancer Sticks

In this video, PI’s Larry Cohen talks about his experiences shaping some of the first local anti-smoking ordinances—and tobacco lobbyists’ efforts to resist regulation and change. Lots of parallels to the soda battles of today.

Read Community-Centered Health Homes

Community-Centered Health Homes: Bridging the Gap Between Health Services and Community Prevention outlines an approach for upstream integration between community based efforts and clinical services. Download here.

Watch We're Not Buying It

Watch and share our two-minute video, which reveals the lengths the food industry goes to as it promotes unhealthy foods to kids—even in their classrooms. A Spanish-language version, “No nos la tragamos” is also available.

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