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Prevention Institute alert: January 16, 2015

New PI paper introduces Prevention and Wellness Funds and describes their structure, function and potential

Download the full report here.

The health care and public health sectors have been abuzz in recent months with talk of prevention and wellness funds. Strong evidence shows that changing community environments to better support health is both effective and needed, yet sustainable funding sources for community prevention remain elusive. Prevention and Wellness Funds provide a potential sustainable solution to these funding hurdles.

 A Prevention and Wellness Fund comprises a pool of funds raised to finance community prevention interventions as part of health improvement and cost-containment strategies.

Prevention Institute’s new paper, Sustainable Investments in Health: Prevention and Wellness Funds, provides background to readers not yet familiar with the concept of a Prevention and Wellness Fund.  It explores a crucial set of questions: how Funds can generate revenue; how they should be managed and where they should invest; how to assess effectiveness; and how to emphasize health equity. This report was produced following a series of interviews with subject matter experts chosen for their experience with prevention and public health initiatives and their expertise in creating dedicated funding streams for prevention.

From the paper:

A Prevention and Wellness Fund creates a strategic and coordinated approach at a national, state, regional, or local level to implement evidence-informed and practice-based community prevention activities designed to decrease rates of preventable health conditions, reduce costs, reduce health inequities, and to create environments that support health and safety with the aim of improving population health, one of the three pillars of the Triple Aim.

Download the full report here.

Sustainable Investments in Health: Prevention and Wellness Funds works well as a companion document to Closing the Loop, which outlines the need to invest and reinvent in prevention.

How Can We Pay for a Healthy Population?

Prevention Institute talked to health-system innovators around the country to identify emerging new approaches for financing population-health measures that prioritize community prevention. Download here.

Community-Centered Health Homes

Community-Centered Health Homes: Bridging the Gap Between Health Services and Community Prevention outlines an approach for upstream integration between community based efforts and clinical services. Download here.

Closing the Loop

Prevention measures that restrict tobacco consumption or require the use of seat belts save lives—and money. But that money rarely gets used to fund new prevention efforts. In a paper published by the Institute of Medicine, PI’s Larry Cohen and The California Endowment’s Anthony Iton argue that we need to “close the loop” by ensuring that we invest and reinvent in prevention. Download here.

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