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Prevention Rapid Response Network Alert: October 7, 2015

Prevention Institute Revitalizes, Renames Former Health Reform Rapid Response Network

We are excited to announce that Prevention Institute is reactivating its Health Reform Rapid Response Network with a brand new name: Prevention Rapid Response Network!

You are already signed up and there is nothing more for you to do but keep reading to learn about the latest developments and advocacy opportunities.

What to expect
The Prevention Rapid Response Network will provide you with news, updates, advocacy opportunities and tools to support prevention and public health in your community and across the country. Faced with ongoing threats to the Prevention and Public Health Fund, as well as budget austerity measures resulting in deep cuts to prevention and public health efforts, it is crucial that we activate our collective experience and voice to ensure that community prevention efforts remain a national priority.

The network’s resources will include talking points and tips to guide your messaging, and will help to shine a brighter spotlight on the successes, learnings, and benefits of community-based prevention locally and nationally.

What’s happening now
After passing a Continuing Resolution at the end of September—and narrowly avoiding another government shutdown—the U.S. Congress has until December 11th to pursue a new round of budget talks. Critical decisions on the table include:

• lifting the prohibitive sequestration caps on non-defense discretionary spending
• retaining funding for community-based prevention programs like PICH (Partnerships to Improve Community Health) and REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health).

Meanwhile, a budget reconciliation package (a fast-track budgeting tool) is moving through the House that proposes to repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund, along with other measures of the Affordable Care Act.

What you can do
The Prevention and Public Health Fund—the largest source of federal funding for community prevention —is saving money and lives in states, regions, and communities across the country. Each fiscal year since 2014, Congress has executed its oversight of the Fund by allocating fund monies to support a variety of efforts including those that create healthy eating, active living, and tobacco-free environments.

In order to protect this essential source of community prevention funding, we need your help to reach out to House leadership and the members of the House Budget Committee and urge them to oppose passage of the reconciliation proposal. The House Budget Committee is meeting on Friday October 9th to consider the current reconciliation package. Share your stories about the important work going on in your community and ask legislators to ensure ongoing funding for effective community-based prevention initiatives.

Be sure to look out for future notifications from this network for opportunities to learn and to act in support of prevention efforts that advance health, wellbeing, safety and equity! Please follow our updates on Twitter through the @preventioninst account, hashtag  #PRRN.

*Please send an email to Communications@preventioninstitute.org if you’d like to be removed from this list.*

Transforming Our Health System

How does the Prevention & Public Health Fund fit into our broader vision for health system transformation? Learn more about our strategy for reorienting the health system to focus on the community determinants of health and integrate health care services and community prevention. Read more.

Make the Case for Prevention

Our media advocacy toolkit has everything you need to proactively engage the media to share what prevention means to your community. Click here for talking points and tips on how to craft Op-Eds and successfully pitch to reporters.

Oct. 15 Webinar: Engaging Multisector Stakeholders in Community Health

The American Public Health Association, Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute, Trust for America’s Health and co-sponsors kick off a webinar series on seizing new opportunities to engage multiple sectors in community health and prevention. Register here.

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