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Prevention Rapid Response Network: October 21, 2015

Safeguard continued investments in community health, safety and equity through the Prevention and Public Health Fund

The House of Representatives will vote as early as tomorrow, October 22nd, on H.R. 3762, a budget reconciliation bill that would repeal several elements of the Affordable Care Act, including the entire Prevention and Public Health Fund.

The Prevention Fund has been the largest source of federal funding for community prevention since its inception in 2010, supporting a variety of efforts including those that enhance healthy food, active living, and tobacco-free environments in communities across the country. The loss of the Prevention Fund would eliminate $15.5 billion in future funding over the next 10 years for critical public health and prevention activities, and would roll back progress on commonsense initiatives that are keeping communities healthy and safe, as well as advancing equity. Defending the Prevention Fund sends an important and explicit reminder that prevention matters—prevention saves lives, money and reduces unnecessary misery.

It is important to remind the House of Representatives that Congress itself has united across party lines to determine the allocations of the Prevention Fund since fiscal year 2014.  Yet, misconceptions about who controls the Fund allocations persist, making the Fund an easy target for other pressing fiscal needs, so it is essential to continue to defend and educate members about the Fund.

You can help by sending a strong message right now to members of the House that the health, safety, and equity of our communities matters to all of us. Use our simple online tool to oppose passage of the budget reconciliation bill and to share your stories about the important work going on in your community.

Though it is likely that the budget reconciliation bill will pass the House tomorrow, its fate in the Senate – where the bill will head next – is far less certain. Look out for another alert with an update on the reconciliation bill and information on when and how to reach out to your senators about the Fund.

Transforming Our Health System

How does the Prevention & Public Health Fund fit into our broader vision for health system transformation? Learn more about our strategy for reorienting the health system to focus on the community determinants of health and integrate health care services and community prevention.

Make the Case for Prevention

Our media advocacy toolkit has everything you need to proactively engage the media to share what prevention means to your community. Click here for talking points and tips on how to craft Op-Eds and successfully pitch to reporters.

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