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Prevention Institute E-Alert: January 13, 2016

February 3 Webinar Reviews Fundamentals of Public Health, Prevention Approach to Violence

We know how to stop sexual and domestic violence before it starts—by engaging communities in preventing violence, creating safe spaces, and changing the culture from one that accepts and even endorses violence against women to a culture that values health, safety, and equity. For 10 years, Prevention Institute and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) have convened prevention experts, advocates, and practitioners to learn together about addressing the root causes of violence. Join us February 3rd for the first installment in our 2016 PreventConnect series.

From Foundations to the Future: A Prevention Approach to Sexual and Domestic Violence
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
11:00am-12:30pm PT / 2:00pm-3:30pm ET
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This webinar will set the groundwork for the 2016 PreventConnect series by covering the fundamentals of a public health approach to preventing violence. Highlighting innovative, promising practices, this introductory web conference will discuss how to use the Spectrum of Prevention to develop comprehensive strategies and share effective approaches to shifting norms and preventing violence.

Over the next seven months,  we will explore a wide range of topics relating to the prevention of sexual and domestic violence, including trauma-informed strategies, situating sexual violence prevention within the broader movement for social justice, engaging youth and community members, and building a more inclusive movement that breaks down gender binaries and moves beyond heteronormative approaches to preventing violence.

Host: Annie Lyles, Program Manager, Prevention Institute


Jeffrey Tangonan Acido, PhD, Community Education/Civic Engagement, Kōkua Kalihi Valley

Kelli McCannell, President, Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Join us for future PreventConnect webinars:

  • March 9: Harmful Gender Norms: How can we build alliances with queer (LGBTQI2-S) movements to help prevent sexual and domestic violence?
  • March 23: Harmful Gender Norms: Moving beyond binary and heteronormative approaches to prevent sexual and domestic violence
  • May 4: Shared Roots: Sexual and domestic violence prevention strategies in support of social justice
  • June 8: Equitable Trauma-Informed Strategies to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • July 13: What about Power and Patriarchy? Examining social cohesion strategies to prevent sexual and domestic violence
  • August 3: Engaging Youth in Shaping Strategies and Solutions to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • August 17: Using Shared Risk and Protective Factors to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence: Research into practice and policy
  • September 7: Authentically Engaging Communities to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence

Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Toward a Community Solution

This document, developed by Prevention Institute for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, outlines comprehensive strategies to prevent sexual violence, with a focus on changing social norms.

The Next Decade of PreventConnect: A Video

PI’s Larry Cohen and Lisa Fujie Parks hosted the first PreventConnect web conference 10 years ago. In this video, they sit down with PreventConnect’s David Lee to  look ahead to the next 10 years of preventing sexual and domestic violence.

Funding Opportunity

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, PreventConnect/CALCASA, and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence will be awarding grants to fund practices and policies to prevent sexual violence, improve response to victims of sexual violence and create safer communities. Learn more and apply online

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