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Prevention Institute E-Alert: December 1, 2016

Prevention Diaries' royalties to go to Beverly Coleman Miller Fellowship fund

Prevention Institute founder and Executive Director Larry Cohen’s new book, Prevention Diaries: The Practice and Pursuit of Health for All, is officially available today in bookstores, online, and through Oxford University Press. We hope you’ll check out the book that Health Affairs described as an “engaging and well-documented exploration of America’s gradual, and in some cases grudging, recognition that adopting individual and community prevention-oriented policies and practices is key to promoting health and health equity, reducing injuries, and preventing violence.”

There’s never been a more important time to talk about public health and prevention. The goal of Prevention Diaries is to make the case for prevention as our country’s most transformational tool to drive health and social change. It is not just Larry’s story: it’s the story of a movement to remake our communities to support health and equity, and a tribute to the public health advocates whose work has inspired Larry for three decades. 

All royalties from Prevention Diaries will go to the Beverly Coleman Miller Fellowship fund for equity and prevention. Discounts of 20% to 50% for Prevention Diaries are available for those who purchase 10 or more copies through Oxford Press. The book’s website features discussion questions and resources for classes or book groups, as well as information on upcoming events.

 “I wrote Prevention Diaries to give voice to the quiet solutions taking shape across the US – the people working to reinvent our healthcare system to support health and wellbeing in the first place, the communities mobilizing to no longer accept violence within homes and neighborhoods, the networks that come together to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthy food and safe places to be active,” Larry says.  “I like to describe it as the kind of book we can give our friends and colleagues so they understand what we all are doing in trying to advance prevention, and why we are doing it.”

Promoting Prevention Diaries

If you’d like to help us promote Prevention Diaries—thank you! Here are some ways you can help:
•    Tell five friends or colleagues about the book, or give the book to them
•    ‘Like’ Prevention Diaries on Facebook
•    Follow the book on Twitter
•    Mention the book on social media
•    Write a review of the book for Amazon and Goodreads
•    Download flyers and postcards and distribute at meetings

Thanks for your support!

Upcoming readings in California and Philly

Larry will read from Prevention Diaries in upcoming months on the East and West Coast. On Feb. 6 at 7 p.m., he will read at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. On April 19 at 3 p.m., Larry will read at the Drexel School of Public Health in Philadelphia, PA. Information on these and other events can be found here.

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