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For Immediate Release
May 4, 2017
Media Contact: Jessica Berthold, Communications Manager, #215-200-5358

The following statement comes from Sana Chehimi, policy director of Prevention Institute:

”We are extremely disappointed in today’s U.S. House of Representatives vote to pass the American Health Care Act.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act does not make our communities healthier or safer. Instead, our elected leaders have taken a step that threatens to undo years of progress in extending healthcare coverage, investing in prevention, and improving quality of care for millions of Americans. By allowing states to opt out of essential health benefits, charge higher premiums to sicker patients, and erode the public health infrastructure, the AHCA would hurt the most vulnerable members of our society the greatest.  By eliminating the Prevention and Public Health Fund, every state would lose essential funds they rely on to keep people healthy in the first place, prevent chronic disease, halt the spread of infections, save healthcare funds, and invest in community resources that support healthier lives.

We hope and insist that the Senate shows more common sense. Prevention Institute will join community residents across the country, and our colleagues in healthcare and public health, to block the American Health Care Act from passing the Senate. The health and safety of millions of Americans hangs in the balance."


Prevention Institute is an Oakland, California-based nonprofit research, policy, and action center that works nationally to promote prevention, health, and equity by fostering community and policy change so that all people live in healthy, safe environments.

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