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  • Health Promotion Practice: Sep 29, 2022

    In Cultivating a Healthier Policy Landscape: The Building Healthy Communities Initiative, a recent article penned by PI’s Juliet Simms, Rob Baird, Sarah Mittermaier, and Manal J. Aboelata, the authors examine how local public health departments can identify and secure policy and systems changes that will achieve health equity and improve health outcomes across diverse populations.

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  • Feb 8, 2022

    As we begin 2022, it’s clear that the inequitable impacts of climate change, the pandemic, and racial injustice share common roots: existing systems that accept as a cost of doing business the oppression, exploitation, and degradation of BIPOC communities to enrich the few. They also share a structural solution: adopting a community health-based economy. Our vision is that we can replace a carbon-based economy with an economy that is sustainable for people, communities, and the planet.