To learn more about the Prevention Fundamental, Norms that Support Equity, Health & Safety, we invite you to begin with these publications:

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September 2010

Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Wellbeing

Co-published by Prevention Institute and Jossey Bass and APHA, Prevention is Primary describes the overarching foundation and principles guiding primary prevention efforts and highlights...

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July 2006

Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Towards a Community Solution

This publication provides effective primary prevention activities to reduce the incidence of sexual violence, emphasizing the importance of changing social norms.

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September 2005

The O Word: Why the Focus on Obesity is Harmful to Community Health

Published in the Californian Journal of Health Promotion, this article sheds light on the five unintended consequences of "obesity," and provides strategies to remove us from a focus on the "O"...

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June 2007

Updating Nutrition Education in the Food Stamp Program: A Farm Bill Opportunity

A policy paper discussing the connection between the obesity epidemic and the role of community.

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November 2003

Traffic Safety in Communities of Color

This paper, co-authored by Prevention Institute and U.C. Berkeley, highlights major traffic safety needs within specific communities of color, and concludes that ongoing data collection and...

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January 2005

Before It Occurs: The Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

Produced for The Physician's Guide to Preventing Intimate Partner Violence, Prevention Institute and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention co-authored this chapter on...

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January 2005

Safe on the Streets: Cars, Safety Belts and Drinking

This traffic safety toolkit - funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - contains information, resources, and a sample presentation to increase awareness and activism about...

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May 1993

Poised for Prevention: Advancing Promising Approaches to Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

This document serves to build momentum for a national primary prevention strategy to prevent intimate partner violence.

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May 2009

Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Primary Prevention Approach

This policy brief presents the distilled research and critical thinking of a diverse group of local and national experts in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Prevention Institute...

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November 2008

The National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Prevention Institute collaborated with the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation to develop this plan, which addresses the need to reduce the societal demand for commercial and...

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