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October 2016

Communities are not all created equal: Strategies to prevent violence affecting youth in the United States

This PI-authored article published in the Journal of Public Health Policy’s special issue on Violence and Health: Merging...

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July 2017

A Health Equity and Multisector Approach to Preventing Domestic Violence

This report offers research, analysis, frameworks, and practitioner wisdom to understand the factors in the community environment that support safe relationships and a reduction in domestic...

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August 2016

High Utilizer Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides a snapshot of our recently published paper, Disrupting the Pathway – A Prevention Approach to Medical High Utilization. Disrupting the Pathway describes an exploratory...

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April 2011

In the First Place: Community Prevention’s Promise to Advance Health and Equity

In this article in the international journal Environment & Urbanization, Prevention Institute discusses how community prevention and health equity are global concerns, and outlines...

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April 2010

Recipes for Change: Healthy Food in Every Community

The paper outlines organizational practices and public policies to expand access to healthy foods in support of healthy eating and better overall health.

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February 2010

Prevention Playing Cards Activities

Proponents of community health are constantly being asked to make the case, for example, for increasing access to safe parks, improving air quality, or creating a community program to prevent...

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August 2009

Toward Health Equity: A Prevention Framework for Reducing Health and Safety Disparities

This chapter in the textbook "The New World of Health Promotion: New Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation," presents a detailed framework for prevention strategies to reduce health...

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December 2009

From Kools to Cancer Sticks: How quality prevention changed tobacco norms

Prevention Institute's Founder Larry Cohen chronicles the history of anti-smoking efforts, and how he helped guide a new approach that has resulted in policy and legislative changes. See how...

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December 2009

A New Health Care Prevention Agenda: Sustainable Food Procurement and Agricultural Policy

This document discusses health care leaders' broadening awareness to include the need to address the food system as a means to individual, public, and global health, above and beyond basic...

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March 2009

Health Equity Training Series

Prevention Institute in partnership with The California Endowment’s Health Exchange Academy has produced a series of two training modules that present a primary prevention approach to health...

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