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January 2017

How to Address High Utilization in Health Care

Community prevention and care management strategies can achieve short- and long-term returns

January 26, 2017

Jeremy Cantor and Larissa J. Estes...

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October 2016

Building a Thriving Nation: 21st-Century Vision and Practice to Advance Health and Equity

Building a Thriving Nation: 21st-Century Vision and Practice to Advance Health and Equity, recently published by the Health Education & Behavior journal, includes a brief overview of...

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June 2011

Benefits of community prevention

Listen to Prevention Institute's Ann Whidden, Program Manager, on a Government Action and Communications Institute podcast, as she talks about the benefits of community prevention: prevention...

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November 2010

Changing Community Environments to Prevent Sexual Violence: The Spectrum of Prevention

The Spectrum of Prevention provides a valuable framework for preventing sexual violence at all levels--by changing organizational...

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April 2011

In the First Place: Community Prevention’s Promise to Advance Health and Equity

In this article in the international journal Environment & Urbanization, Prevention Institute discusses how community prevention and health equity are global concerns, and outlines...

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April 2010

Children and Their Families are Safe From Violence In Their Homes and Neighborhoods

As part of the Building Healthy Communities Outcome Resource Guides, this article seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to violence prevention by sharing information about violence as...

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February 2010

Primary Prevention For Change: Training Series

On February 23, 2010, Prevention Institute conducted a series of presentations from the Primary Prevention For Change: Training Series for the Mendocino County Health & Human Services...

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December 2009

From Kools to Cancer Sticks: How quality prevention changed tobacco norms

Prevention Institute's Executive Director Larry Cohen chronicles the history of anti-smoking efforts, and how he helped guide a new approach that has resulted in policy and legislative changes....

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October 2001

Strategies for Action: Integrating Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion to Reach Low-Income Californians

This report - initiated by the Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section (CPNS) of the State of California Department of Health Services - describes the results of a planning process to integrate...

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