Prevention Institute works with partners across the country and develops resources to promote upstream, equity-oriented prevention policies and practices. To find out the latest federal policy news and advocacy opportunities visit our Policy and Advocacy Portal.

Projects & Initiatives

Prevention Institute works with a breadth of partners and communities to develop strategies and practices to keep people healthy and safe in the first place. Below is a selection of ongoing or recent projects.

  • BUILD Health Challenge

    PI supports the BUILD Health Challenge, a collaboration of five core funders, which is designed to encourage communities to build meaningful partnerships among hospitals and health systems, community-based organizations, local health departments, and other organizations to improve the overall health of local residents. 

  • The Prevention Rapid Response Network

    The Prevention Rapid Response Network offers subscribers the latest prevention policy news, updates, tools and advocacy opportunities in support of prevention and public health efforts in communities and across the country. 


We research and write reports, white papers, fact sheets, opinion pieces, and journal articles, as well as produce videos and podcasts. Here are some of our latest offerings.

  • Furthering Prevention & Equity

    Prevention Institute has a 20-year history of promoting quality primary prevention—the skills and approaches to prevent people from getting sick or injured in the first place. In the aftermath of the 2016 election, we have immersed ourselves in assessing the path forward for prevention and equity.

  • Collaborating on Healthier Communities

    This commentary by PI's Larry Cohen, published in Modern Healthcare magazine, looks at the effort to transform the healthcare system and refocuses it on outcomes and the health of the population. 

  • Who is public health?

    In this Public Library of Science blog post, PI's Jessica Berthold and Sarah Mittermaier point to the wide-ranging nature of public health in creating and maintaining safe, healthy communities in which every person's well-being is valued equally. 

Tools & Services

We have developed a broad range of practical, free-to-use tools to guide practitioners, advocates, and policymakers in planning and implementing  prevention strategies. We also provide services to help you use our tools to create healthy and safe communities.

  • Making the Case through Media Advocacy: a Toolkit

    As a leader responsible for implementing community prevention initiatives, you can harness the power of the media to make the case for community prevention. Ask yourself: if the only understanding that decision makers (and the public) had about community prevention was formed by the media, what would they know? What wouldn’t they know?

Profiles in Action

These profiles, written by PI and our partners, show what community prevention looks like on the ground, all across the country.