Working towards gender equity by supporting healthy masculinities in campus and community settings

Dr. David von Schlichten is the coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at Seton Hill University, the faculty advisor of the Feminist Collective on campus, and serves on the Board of Blackburn Center, a local agency against domestic and sexual violence in Greensburg, PA. According to David, the racial homogeneity (Greensburg, PA is predominantly white, with widespread racism) and socially conservative values that draw heavily on traditional ideas of masculinity contribute to specific community challenges in promoting change. He has found that even getting the community to recognize that gender-based violence is not just a women’s issue has been much needed but difficult.

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Alcohol Justice as Violence Prevention

Founded in 1987, Alcohol Justice is an advocacy agency that organizes with community groups to pass laws that regulate the production, distribution, and sales of alcohol in order to keep communities healthy and safe. Instead of focusing on individual behaviors associated with alcohol, Alcohol Justice promotes evidence-informed public health policies and organizes campaigns with diverse communities against the alcohol industry’s harmful practices.

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Changing Party Environments for Sexual Violence Prevention: Men as Peacemakers, Duluth, MN

Men as Peacemakers (MAP) is an organization in Duluth, Minnesota that engages individuals and communities in innovative strategies that promote gender equity and prevent sexual violence. Men As Peacemakers strategically plans each of its programs to shape social environments for prevention by not only strengthening individual knowledge and skills or promoting community education, but also educating providers and changing organizational practices and policies.

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Creating a sexual violence prevention movement in Minnesota

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) at the Minnesota Department of Health has spent many years engaging partners to make prevention a priority with a focus on broad impact strategies and solutions. PI’s Spectrum of Prevention has been a guiding tool that has helped demonstrate the importance of synergy across multiple levels of prevention practice, while highlighting opportunities for broad impact by influencing policy and legislation, changing organizational practices, and fostering coalitions and networks.

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Elevating a public health approach to preventing violence in a changing national landscape

With support from The Langeloth Foundation, Prevention Institute is amplifying support for a public health approach to preventing violence while we cement our gains from the last decade and continue to innovate and progress. Ten to fifteen years ago, few cities had adopted a public health approach to preventing violence, and national public health organizations and networks paid far less attention to violence. Today, cities and counties throughout the country are investing in public health approaches, national networks within and outside of the field of public health are advancing its...

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How community accountability can help prevent intimate partner violence in the first place

April 4, 2018

Last month at California Partnership to End Domestic Violence’s Shifting the Lens conference, advocates asked participants to question what we mean by “accountability.” This comes at a time when more communities are moving away from “punishment only” toward new models of accountability. By strengthening social networks and increasing community members’ willingness to recognize intimate partner violence as community issue, community accountability can help prevent intimate partner violence in the first place.

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