The Making Connections Backpack is a resource library for those engaged in building a gendered and community-level approach to improving mental wellbeing among men and boys. The Backpack offers tools to shape your journey, and connect with others engaged in or supporting similar upstream prevention work. It was developed in collaboration with Movember, the world’s leading charity changing the face of men’s health, with a key focus area of mental health. Movember looks at mental health through a male lens, focusing on prevention, early intervention, and health promotion.

What is Making Connections?

The Making Connections initiative forges new pathways to improve mental health and wellbeing among men and boys.

Core Principles and Values

Making Connections combines Movember’s vision to stop men from dying too young and Prevention Institute’s vision to create thriving and equitable communities.

Packing List (Tools and Frameworks)

The Packing List tools will help you develop all stages of your community of practice.

Planning the Journey

Building the coalition and the infrastructure, and measuring your success.

Strategies for Community Resilience

Six overarching core strategies provide a solid foundation.

Changing and Sharing the Narrative

How to tell stories about community strengths and resilience.

Facing Challenges and Finding Solutions

Learn solutions for building your connections.

Facilitating a Community of Practice

Lessons learned about administrating and managing.

Sustaining the Work

Webinars exploring the Making Connections approach.


Podcasts, videos, and articles.

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