Module 1 > Infrastructure disruptions > Pillars of WellbeingPrevention Institute developed the Pillars of Wellbeing in collaboration with community-based organizations across the country that focus on the mental wellbeing of men and boys. The Pillars are core stabilizing elements needed for people and for communities to flourish emotionally. Click here to learn more about the Pillars of Wellbeing and then return for an activity to draw the connections between these Pillars and catastrophic events.


Use the Pillars of Wellbeing as a way to think about a catastrophic event/infrastructure disruption that has occurred in your community. An example is included for the pillar of belonging/connection.

Type your answers into the table below. Once you've entered your responses, move your mouse over the table until the icons appear, then click the "download" icon to save to your computer and print.

If you prefer to download the table before filling it in, or if the tool doesn't appear in your browser, you can download the table here.


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